Andrew Ling (b. 1993). I was born in Seattle, where I grew up with mountains, photographers, and people who don't use umbrellas. In 2015 I drove across the United States. In 2016 I went to Patagonia with Adobe to help fight climate change. Next year, I will be on Mars. Not true. I am passionate about telling socially-relevant stories. I love our Earth and enjoy using my creativity to better the world whether it be through conservation or innovation. 


Partial client list:

Adobe | Art of Visuals | Artifact Uprising | Beautiful Destinations | Business Insider | Daily Mail | Daniel Wellington | Expedia | Fujifilm King 5 News | Happy Socks | Hydro Flask | LG | Love Your Melon | Moment Lens | MRY | Passion Passport | Patagonia | Polaroid  REI | Uber | University of Washington | Urban Outfitters | Vanity Fair | VSCO | Yahoo!


Phone: 206 235 5824 Email:

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